Halloween Day Schedule
Thu, Oct 18 10:02am
Redwood Heights Elementary

Dear RHS Families,


I hope you're enjoying the weekend and looking forward to our Halloween celebrations this coming week. I know the kids are excited and I am as well! Halloween is a great time for kids to have fun, express themselves, and to embrace their creative sides. At the same time, the holiday does present the potential for conflict. Students can unintentionally create awkwardness or distress for their peers if their costumes seem to mock or degrade a classmate's culture or appearance. One example of this might be a student who is not of Native American descent donning a traditional headdress. Of course, there's no way to anticipate every costume that might give offense, but we do ask that you exercise cultural sensitivity when helping your child select their outfit. We realize no one in the RWH community wants to deliberately cause a child anxiety, so please take a moment to reflect upon the signal your child's outfit sends so all of our kids can have a fun and carefree Halloween!

The schedule on Wednesday, October 31st is as follows:
12:00--Lunch outside for all grades, no recess
12:20--Students will return to classrooms to change into their costumes.  You may come at this time to help your student, if necessary
12:45 to approximately 1:30--Parade!