Harvest for Learning Auction Success & Fund-a-need Clarification
Tue, Nov 7 9:12am
Redwood Heights Elementary

I want to thank everyone that helped make the Harvest for Learning Celebration a success! Despite a hiccup or two, by all accounts, folks had a fantastic time  I mean come on people. I’ve got two words. Table dancing! ‘Nuff said.  


On a less festive note, I’ve heard of some “sticker shock” at the charges from the Fund-A-Need portion of the Live Auction. Put simply, some of you didn’t realize that each of those bids represented a separate financial commitment  E.g., if you tried to win the Warriors tickets and raised your paddle 4 times at the $50 level and once at the $100 level then you’d committed to $300 in donations. I apologize for the confusion. I know Ryan did his best to explain this at the beginning and repeated it a few times during the bidding. But with all the revelry, the distractions, the noise, and everything else it’s clear that some just didn’t know.


So here’s the deal. If you were in that boat simply reply to the invoice we emailed, tell me how much you actually intended to donate and we will correct it ASAP. No muss and no fuss. Again, I apologize to those that were surprised. We have NO interest in taking money from anyone that they didn't intend to give. (I only do that with Halloween candy!  Shhh.) I want everyone to remember the night for what it was. A magical evening with old and new friends celebrating our love for our kids and our school. Now bring on the auction parties!