Have a wonderful 2019 Summer!
Thu, May 30 3:44pm
Redwood Heights Elementary


2019-2020 OUSD School Calendar

See you on Monday,  August 12, 2019,  the first day of school

From us to you, a huge THANK YOU for another wonderful school year

full of learning and laughter. Thank you to our PTA for funding an assembly with the fabulous AXIS group and a huge thank you to Becky Grisby for coordinating the event and making it happen.

A big thank you to Emily Weiss, our new Science Alliance coordinator, for sharing her resources to bring our students a high quality and engaging science experience.Thank you to Chris Rachowicz for sharing his Ricky Roo and friends puppet show with our Kindergartners. 

Thank you, Ms. Fisher & Ms. Taymuree for your years of service and dedication to our students!

We wish you a relaxing, enjoyable retirement. Please come to visit us!




We will miss you Ms. Bibbo!

Thank you for your team spirit and being a champion for the kids and teachers!

Thank you, for redesigning our RHS Terrace! 

Congrats to our school for another successful Walkathon Fundraising Event

 Thank you PTA for...