Highlights: October Edition
Tue, Oct 1 7:27pm

Hello Wonderful RHS Community,


Grab that evening cup of tea, and snuggle up and relax with some awesome news...

This may be a long read! But, it's just enough to fill your hearts with joy!

You've probably already heard the robocall an hour or so ago, and seen the Konstella reminder...

However, here's another quick reminder that TOMORROW is about making healthy choices! Students, parents, and teachers at Redwood Heights will celebrate International Walk & Roll to School Day. This is a great opportunity to celebrate our health, the environment, and our school spirit. 

What’s going on at morning drop off TOMORROW?

  • The street and sidewalks will be busy with students and families, so safety first!
  • Participate by walking, biking, skating or scooting to school with family, neighbors and friends 
  • Bike parking is available at the bike racks; bring your own lock. Remember to wear a helmet!
  • Giveaways for kids!
  • A school-wide chart to see how we get to school
  • A visit from Sammy the Squirrel!

If you live farther away:

  • Take the bus with your child and walk from the bus stop.
  • Carpool with another family into the drop off lane... 
  • Drive to Jordan Park and join the WALKING SCHOOL BUS!

Walking school bus departs between 8:10-8:15 from Jordan Park


If you are interested in joining, show up at 8:10 at Jordan Park...

or look for Elsie along the route and jump in!

For more information on the RHS Walking School Bus, you can contact Elsie Lee at 510.336.0960

And this edition, I want to highlight YOU!

Last year our goal was $50,000! And this year we have double that! We have gone 32% OVER our goal this year. This amount surpasses our wildest dreams, and words cannot express how amazing the support for our children in this community has been!

Without you, none of this would have been possible!

With that said...  Drum rolling please [Insert suspenseful, yet upbeat, instrumental music]...

Classroom Challenge Update:

Congratulations to all of our winning classes for Week 3:

Ms. Iron's Kindergarten class wins the $200 gift card with an amazing $11K week!

Ms. Fisher's 2nd/ 3rd grade class wins the $100 gift card with their $8300

 Ms. Gravelle's 1st grade class wins the $75 gift card with their $7K!

The POPSICLE PARTIES go to these classes who rallied for family participation over 50% this week: Ashufta, Fisher, Irons, and N. Sanders (1st grade)

Raffle Winners Update:


AS A REMINDER, For every $50 donated, participants earned a raffle entry to win: 

1st and 2nd place: Four pack of Disneyland Park-Hopper tickets (value: $796)

3rd place: Two tickets to Hamilton (or other SHN show of choice) (value: $300)

4th & 5th place: 4 reserved front row seats to the RHS Variety Show in the spring


A SCHOOLWIDE prize for all kids to celebrate the success of this campaign WILL BE ANNOUNCED.


Just because the classroom challenge and raffle is over, doesn't mean the campaign is over!

If you are like me, and woke up in a panic because you forgot to get your donation in last night...

The link is still open for the remainder of the year! Trust me, the donate button does still work!

So there is still time to...

1. Check in with your job to see if they do corporate matching for your donation: 

RHS PTA Tax ID is 946173811

2. Donate more to become a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Donorand receive some a free gift and some RHS SWAG! 

3. With the holidays coming around the corner, and how "in lieu of gifts/favors" is trending all over Facebook, at weddings and birthday parties... What a great gift your distant relatives can give! If your kids are hard to shop for, like mine; I'm just going to tell those that ask me to just hit the donate button on behalf of my son! Or even better, add the Public Link onto my Holiday Card.

Speaking of holiday cards... 


Order your child’s school portraits by Friday, October 4
2018-2019 school photos: If you missed out on ordering photos last year, here is another chance: 
What a terrific turn out at the first general PTA meeting on Thursday, September 19th. Thanks for coming and making it a success.  It felt great to see old friends and make new!
With our emphasis on community-building and inclusion, we hope to make our third Thursdays (aka "Thirdsdays") an evening we all look forward to, full of family, friends, food, and fun!  
Please tell everyone what a great time you had. Even better, bring a friend or two with you to the next one! We’re bringing more fun plus valuable programming to each meeting to continue building relationships while deepening insight into our very special school.
Come participate, enjoy fun "Thirdsdays", vote on how we spend the budget (because you donated into it, so you are just as much a stakeholder as any), & share your voice to help shape OUR school!
We look forward to seeing you on "Thirdsday", October 17th for a special guest appearance that you won’t wanna miss! Mark your calendars!
If you are a new family and attending the PTA General Meeting was way too stressful to do...
NO WORRIES! We have an event JUST FOR YOU! And there is an evite to prove it!
If haven't received an evite, please contact nantz14@gmail.com or just show up!
If you were new to the community last year, please come too!
If you are a veteran family, please consider being an AMBASSADOR!
We’re looking for up to 20 seasoned RHS members to attend this event. You'll get to welcome new families, eat, answer questions, mingle, and have fun too! Please RSVP here!  
If you want to get your mingle on sooner than later... 
Please come join us at the Spaghetti Feed, sponsored by the RHS Dad's Club.
The feast is THIS Friday, October 4th, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm, in the RHS multi-purpose room. 
We'll be serving spaghetti, salad and garlic bread, plus a small dessert treat.
The recommended donation is $4 per person... 
and we highly encourage people to bring your own plates, silverware, and cups to GO GREEN!
Bring your family and join what is always a great evening of building our school's community!


Keep summer alive in our minds with a cool after school treat... 

Let's help the 4th Grade class reach their fundraising goal for

the Annual 4th grade Nature Bridge Sleepaway Camp!

Bring $2.00 for a popsicle to the Aliso Courtyard after school THIS FRIDAY!

If you haven't already, remember to sign up!  So easy! 
Winners to the Membership Drive will be announced in the RP Memos next week!
 Speaking of Winners...
If you remember, September was Disaster Preparedness Month. The 1st three classes that were able to have a complete set of comfort kits by the end of September will  receive a pizza party hosted by the Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Response Committee! These classrooms are: 

Mr. Abrahams, Ms. Harris, and Ms. Boston! Congrats!


The importance of turning in a comfort kit is not to win the pizza party. But, for your child to have some basic essentials in the event that a disaster happens, and we are not able to pick up our children right away. We have been fortunate enough to not have to use them. However, natural hazards, disasters, and emergencies can happen at any time. RHS has an emergency plan and supplies stocked in case an emergency occurring during school hours. However, you child's comfort kit would be the first line of resources to be used in the event that they must stay on campus longer than the normal school day. This items in their comfort kit will provide them with food that are familiar and palatable to them, and items that would help them stay calm until you are reunited. 


If you still need to turn in your comfort kit, please do so as soon as possible. If you have forgotten what needs to be in a comfort kit, here is the checklist:

One Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name, child’s teacher, and room number, containing:

  • Most important!  A note and/or family photo provides comfort to your child while separated from family.  Even if you cannot complete the list, this item is something ONLY YOU can provide for your child and will count as a complete kit on the deadline of September 30th.
  • Non-perishable snacks EXCLUDING nut products (ex. 2 granola bars/2 fruit roll-ups) provide familiar snacks during a lockdown in which students are confined to the classroom away from their lunch boxes.
  • One change of clothing, underwear and socks in case children are unable to return home for several days. Keep it compact!
  • Travel pack of hand-wipes to reduce spreading communicable diseases.
  • A small flashlight with fresh batteries in case of power failure following something like a major earthquake.

We have something to celebrate in the RHS Library! This month we will welcome graphic novelist and illustrator Gene Luen Yang. He will visit all of our students with an auditorium presentation on Wednesday, October 16th. We are offering his books for sale in support of his visit and our library. Look for an order form this week in your student’s backpack! Or, if you cannot wait, here is the link to the book order form. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B84wtzk7vqfAYTIyeWRIcDN6dlVoV3E4dWYtS00tZVJVRmQ4/view?usp=sharing

The LOL Club (3rd-5th only) is starting soon! Library Outreach Leaders will help run the library during lunch recess as well as work on other projects like HOLD delivery and Library Beautification and Reading Promotion. We will meet on Mondays at lunch and plan to spend one lunch recess a week to help run lunch recess. If your student loves to read, organize or share their favorite books then this is the chance to be one of the founding members. Applications are available in the office and due by Friday, October 4th.

Volunteers make our circulation run smoothly and keep our library beautiful! When you volunteer in the library you get to help your child’s class get the best library experience - storytime, a break for the classroom teacher, and the support of a parent’s presence in the library! Thank you to all of the volunteers who have spent time in the library so far this year. I couldn’t do it without you!

Don’t have time to volunteer during the school day? Join the library committee and learn how you can help in other ways. We meet in the RHS Library on Thursday, October 10th from 6-7 p.m. It’s our first meeting in the library and a great opportunity to see first hand what the fuss is all about! WE LOVE BOOKS!

See you in the library! 

Emily Akemon, RHS Library Clerk & Guardian of the Books

510-531-6644 x246

Our school is partnering with Good Eggs, an online grocery marketplace that delivers fresh local produce, school lunch and dinner essentials, and more to Bay Area families. We’ll earn 5% back on every order this October and November, plus bonuses for new families who sign up. All you have to do is visit schools.goodeggs.com, enter our school’s code RHS19, shop, and share with your friends and family!

Interested in receiving weekly promotional emails from Good Eggs during the fundraising period? Message Rachel Balsley or email rachel.balsley@gmail.com

SAVE THE DATE for TACO TUESDAY on October 22nd, 4-8pm.

Bring friends & family for dinner with your fellow RHS family to Chipotle on Lakeshore Blvd.

AND Chipotle will donate 33% of all proceeds to Redwood Heights School!

Stay tuned for more info!

We are essentially ONE MONTH AWAY from the Fall's grand fundraising event for the school.

It's a night to remember and talk about for days after!

The Gala will be held at Mills College's Student Commons on November 16th.

So you better save the date! It's an event you don't want to miss!  

Just like the Reach New Heights Campaign, we plan to GO BIG with a goal to raise nearly $100,000 this year! This is the biggest goal in auction history, and we need YOU help!

Some of the critical initiatives this will fund include:

  • Group Specialists that help in the classrooms
  • Art and Garden programs
  • HUGS (Helping Us Grow Stronger) to support social and emotional wellness
  • Replacing and updating the iPads, Chromebooks and other technology in classrooms
  • And much, much more!

How Can You Help?

Donate an Item or Service

We need lots of donations and the most popular items always come from community members like you. This is a great way to share your passion or business. 

Are you an artist and can donate one of your original pieces?

Have an AirBnB or a vacation house that could use some warmth?

Are you a Master chef and  can offer a homemade, neighborhood delivered dinner for 4!

Are you a season ticket holder and have extra sports or music tickets?

Yoga teacher, plumber or electrician? Everyone needs them! How about an offer to pet sit?

Whatever small or big idea you have, we will take it! 

Every offering actually DOES make a difference. 

Mark your calendars: 

Online Only Auction: 10/18-11/2 .... LITERALLY, countdown begins NOW!

LIVE Auction: 11/16... bring your credit cards to the Auction Gala! Because, once you've raised your bid number, you can't stop! 

Questions? Please email jilloringer@yahoo.com  

Donation Form (submit by 10/11): https://forms.gle/LyUdUEP4vwhX21ng8


Do you have a favorite dessert you love to make? Do people rave about your desserts? The Redwood Heights PTA needs your help! Like last year, we are looking for a few volunteers to prepare their favorite dessert to be part of a silent auction during the upcoming Harvest for Learning auction. The winners can decide what they want to do with the dessert they win: Share with their table after dinner? Share it with their child’s teacher(s)? Bring it home to their kids? Some possible suggestions for impressive desserts that will serve at least 10-12 people: your grandma’s famous apple pie, a plate of macaroons, tiramisu, ice cream sandwiches, a tray of frosted cupcakes…. Get creative and see if your dessert receives the highest bid!

If you are interested in creating something or would like more information, please contact Emily Wilson (emilyhungwilson@gmail.com) or Eric Schneider(elschneider@gmail.com). Desserts will be on display and open for bidding at the start of the auction party so they will need to be prepared and delivered prior to 4:00pm on November 16th.

Host a Party

Parties are generally hosted by parents or teachers. Target audiences might be just adults, kids-only, entire families, or you can take all comers. You pick the theme, the price, the maximum number of guests, etc., and work with our party coordinator to secure a date. 

Hosting a party is perhaps the easiest way to make a huge contribution because they generate the largest portion of total auction revenue. And they are great ways to connect with the awesome people that make up our RHS community. Here are some FAQs to help you determine what kind of party you can host:  


Deadline for Auction Party Donations is November 1st. Click Here for the Form: 


Contact Jen Schneider, Party Coordinator Extraordinaire,jen.jenschneider@gmail.com  for more info!


There are tons of tasks, large and small, that have to happen in order to pull this thing off.

Some effort will be needed each week while a lot will be needed on November 16.

Join the “Auction--Harvest for Learning” committee on Konstella or email Darren Raveneaudcrav17@gmail.com . Trust me, we’ll find a way for you to help!


There is a raffle ticket envelope stuffing party this Thursday! SO, that means raffle tickets are heading home soon! And weekly collections will begin shortly after that. Give family, friends, and coworkers a heads up to have their $5.00 ready! You'll hear more from your RPs next week!