Highlights: Show RHS LOVE edition
Thu, Jan 31 7:32pm
Redwood Heights Elementary



In showing our RHS teachers our support,

we have tentatively scheduled Teacher Appreciation Week.

Sign-Ups for providing meals will be created later today.

If a strike is inevitable, we will reschedule accordingly. 


This Friday, February 1st...

Join fellow RHS parents on the Aliso Yard for morning coffee and pastries!

Then, come back in the evening to audition for the Dad's Club Variety Show! Save the date for the actual event on Friday, March 8th, at 7 pm!


Did you catch Ms. Ellison's Spotlight on Learning?

She provide information regarding the MLK Oratorical and other important save the dates for the rest of the school year!

Check it out here!


There are still some spots available.

Such as: 

Ladybug Hike & Picnic (Family Outing)
Date: Saturday February 9 2019, Morning, Location: Redwood Regional Park (meeting spot TBD), PRICE IS PER FAMILY Hosts: Cindy Ciruli, Amy Skonieczny, Amy Stabler, Qali Vartanian
Don't miss out on the fun!
Check out what other parties are available HERE!
If you’ve been collecting Box Tops for Education,
please turn them into the office by Feb. 15!
So we can make the March 1 submission deadline. Thanks!
Don't let the chilly weather keep you away!
Help brighten up everyone's morning commute.
And volunteer to work the DROP OFF LANE!
Week of February 4th: 3rd Grade
Week of February 11th: 2nd Grade
Week of February 19th: 1st Grade
Week of February 25th: Kindergarten
Other areas to help out:
Science Alliance is coming up, and we could use more volunteers.
No experience required. Instructions are available.
And the children will LOVE you for it!

Please sign up to help our kids build, engineer, and invent stomp rockets, marble roller coasters, giant geometric structures, and more.

Yummy treats, coffee, and tea provided for all volunteers.

We might even be able to get you some family passes to Lawrence Hall of Science. 

Check out the SIGN UP LINK.
Parents and Theatre Geeks! We need your help with the Variety Show!
Every year a dedicated group of volunteers gets the chance to make memories and the students sparkle up on our Variety Show Stage. It only "costs" three Friday evenings and you can be a part of this special team.
Do you have experience running lights or sound? Moving sets or settling down excited, nervous student performers? Maybe your specialty is ushering or setting up the house. Experienced or not, we need you.
Please reach out and let me know if you want to help.
It is so much fun, you won't be disappointed!
Emily Akemon, Variety Show Lead mle_a@sbcglobal.net