Important Enrichment Info - New session starts Monday!
Thu, Jan 4 12:42pm
Redwood Heights Elementary
Happy New Year!
Enrichment classes kick off on Monday.  There are a few that are at risk of cancellation without more enrollment:
Ukulele for 3 - 5 graders and/or parents on Mondays
Basic Animation on Tuesdays
Guitar on Wednesdays
Mad Science on Wednesdays
The following classes could use some more kids:
Flag Football on Mondays
Ultimate Frisbee on Mondays and Tuesdays
How to join the circus on Wednesdays
Spanish on Wednesdays
Web Design on Wednesdays
Drama on Thursdays and Fridays
Firecracker Math on Thursdays HAS been cancelled and
Firecracker Math on Wednesdays is now for grades 1 - 3
Check out all the classes at: