Important Information about 2017-2018 Class Assignments
Wed, May 3 11:32am
Redwood Heights Elementary


Dear Redwood Heights Family,


This is the time of year where the teachers and I begin to create classes for the following school year based upon our estimated enrollment.   It is a complicated process and one that we take very seriously.


In the past, parents and caregivers have asked to have their child placed in certain teacher’s classrooms, and have asked for classroom assignment changes during registration and at the beginning of the school year.  This past practice is not equitable, nor is it in the spirit of creating a welcoming and caring school community for all.  For this reason, we have a clear class configuration and assignment policy.  Please see this policy outlined below.


The key ingredient in this process is trust.  Please trust our staff to make the best possible placement with all of the information at our disposal.  If you feel that you have information about your child that we do not know that will help us to make the best decision for placement, please fill out the attached form and turn it in to your child’s current teacher.  We will keep this information in mind as we create the class assignments.  We truly want to create experiences for our students that will help them to be successful and achieve.


It is important to keep in mind that children are adaptable and will make friends wherever they are placed.  We do know that parents and caregivers sometimes have preferences for specific teachers, however, RHS will not honor requests for specific teachers.   All of our teachers have gifts and talents and work together collaboratively to meet the needs of all students.  We appreciate your trust and support.




RHS Class Configuration and Assignment Policy:

  1. Class configuration and assignment will be based on the following factors and be formed through collaboration by teachers and the principal:
  • Student learning level
  • Study habits
  • Student behavior
  • Social and emotional needs
  • Demographic information
  • Information about student from parents/caregivers
  1. Class assignments will be given to parent/caregiver by the principal after registration paperwork is complete.
  2. There will be no class changes based upon parent/caregiver requests. Remember that this process is one in which teachers make extremely informed decisions about class placement, with the best interests of each child at the core.


The Parent Class Configuration Form will be sent home today.   If you have important information about your child that you would like us to consider during class configuration.  Please return this form no later than Monday, May 8th.


This form will also be in the Resource file in Konstella.