Information about the Oratorical tomorrow
Thu, Feb 23 3:00pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

Hello Parents and Caregivers,


As you know, tomorrow is our Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratorical Fest.  This is an inspiring event for both our students and our parent community, and we look forward to it all year.


If you are planning to attend, here is some information about the event, and some reminders:


  • The event will start at 10:30, and the front doors will open at  10:15.  You will not need to sign in but you will need a visitor's sticker, which you will receive at the door.
  • The students will be performing in grade order, starting with the Kindergartners.  The fifth graders will not be performing at the event tomorrow due to a scheduled field trip.
  • Parking around the school is limited.  PLEASE do not park in our neighbors' driveways, even a little bit!  We need to make sure we are always being good neighbors.  


Thank you!