Instagram Art Class with Art Teacher, Ms. Royalty
Thu, Mar 26
Redwood Heights Elementary
Hey RHS families -
I miss you! Hope you're healthy and hanging in there at home. I'd love to start doing some mini art lessons with you- we can use the materials in our houses to make some beautiful and fun things! I'll be broadcasting over our Instagram account (rhsartstudio) using Instagram live @ 4 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you can't catch me then, the videos should be available for the following 24 hrs.
For our first class, we will need pencils/ballpoint pens and paper. If you have markers or watercolors feel free to have those available - but not required. That's it! Look forward to seeing you! Just follow us on Instagram (rhsartstudio) and you should be ready to rock! 
Ms. Royalty