It's time for the annual RHS Move-a-thon!
Fri, Apr 26 6:45am

It’s time to get ready for this year’s RHS Moveathon! You hopefully saw a flyer sent home with your child at the beginning of this week. More info below!


About this event: 

This event is our last major fundraiser for the year, and it's about getting our kids to get their bodies moving, celebrating all different ways we can be active and healthy together while raising money to support our school. This event prioritizes inclusion, holistic health, body positivity, and enjoyment! Similar to the walk-a-thon, students will get pledges from donors (family, friends, neighbors, etc.) related to how many "laps" they complete. On Wednesday, May 8, students will participate in a special dancing event at school, and on Saturday, May 11, we will come together as a full RHS community for a day of walking. 


This year’s theme is “Get Ready to Slay And Move It Your Way. Getting Active Is Always Cool, but Even More When It's For Your School!”* The winning theme was submitted by Avi Bachelder (2nd), Nate Norden (5th), and Diego Dominguez (5th), and the winning artwork that will be on the t-shirts was submitted by Miles Benedict (K) and Kima Carter (3rd). Congratulations, Avi, Nate, Diego, Miles, and Kima! 


To get started:

  • Visit and click on “Sign Up” to create an account for your kid(s) and get started getting pledges (Click here for a step-by-step guide). 

  • Mark your calendars to join our community Saturday, May 11 from 10am-3pm. Similar to a classic walk-a-thon, come join us at the Redwood Heights Rec Center for walking, music, food, and fun! 

  • Sign up to help out on Saturday, May 11. We need volunteers to make the day a success!

  • Questions? Head here for all things Moveathon, or check out this FAQ document. 


This event is an opportunity for all kids to be involved and for us to celebrate our community with a focus on health and fun with friends. We look forward to seeing you there!