Konstella Classroom setup complete
Thu, Aug 4 2:51pm

Hello RHS families,


The new classrooms for the 22-23 year have now been set up.   When you know your child's classroom assignment (this may be available now in Aeries), you can add them to the Konstella classroom.


Go to your Profile, select "Your Children", and then for each child click on Join Classroom (or "Edit Classroom" if for some reason it shows their old classroom). If you have multiple kids, be sure to click Save on each child's tab.


For those of you who have moved on: Have a great year in middle school or wherever you are! To remove yourself from Konstella:

  • If you are a registered user, click your name on the left-hand menu. Go to Your Roles page. Remove yourself from your school.
  • If you're not registered on Konstella, you can opt out from receiving Konstella emails by clicking the "stop receiving emails from Konstella". This link is available at the bottom of every email you receive from Konstella.

If for some reason that doesn't work for you, please bear with us and we will remove anyone who isn't in a classroom in a couple of weeks once we get everyone set up this year.


Enjoy the last few days of summer. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!