Last Dad's Club Social of the Year
Fri, May 19 7:30pm-8:45pm
4375 Bridgeview Dr. Oakland, CA



(Pushed time back to 7:30 to allow time for the open house tonight)


With no more 1st Tuesdays of the month before the end of the school year we will be having one more Dad's Club Social hour and Meeting next Friday the 19th. There will be a change of venue due to it being on a Friday and will be at someone's home instead. 


This is an important meeting, and I'm hoping more of you can make it. Officers will be elected and all positions are available and open if you are interested in getting involved. Those positions are:  President, Vice President of Events, Treasurer, Secretary and Communications/Outreach

If you are interested in helping out or getting involved and can't make the meeting that does not exclude you from becoming an officer, just let me know you are interested. Also, if you have questions regarding what duties might be involved with any position, I would be happy to answer your questions. We are in desperate need to fill the Secretary position and have been operating without one for the last year. 


In my 8 years with the school I've never seen a contested position, so if you would like be involved, I'm sure we can make it happen. 


We will also finalize the budget and schedule to the best of our abilities for next year, so if anyone has any special requests or thoughts it would be great if you could make it.


Address for the meeting is 4375 Bridgeview Dr. Oakland, CA. which is maybe 5 mins from the school. Parking is limited directly in front, but available nearby in the neighborhood.  Time is 7:00 pm, same as always. 


Looking forward to seeing you there,

-Jay Wilson