Lunar New Year Lion Dancing TOMORROW (2/9) 10:30am
Thu, Feb 8 9:44am



This is just a reminder that the RHS AAPI Parents Group is hosting a Lunar New Year Lion Dance TOMORROW (2/9) at 10:30am. 
It's the Year of the Dragon! We are celebrating by bringing back the Yau Kung Moon Lion Dancers to RHS (see here for last year's performance, filmed by RHS parent and filmmaker Stephen Loewinsohn). Thankfully, it looks like we are all clear for weather, so the lion dance will take place on the Aliso school yard and parents are invited to attend!
Some notes on Lunar New Year traditions - please share with your children!
  • Lions are symbolic of wisdom and power in Chinese culture; the purpose of the lion dance is to bring good fortune. The performance is accompanied by rhythmic drumming, cymbaling, and other instruments. The drum is the most significant instrument in the lion dance, and it represents the heartbeat of the lion.

  • It is tradition to distribute red envelopes during Lunar New Year for good luck. Red envelopes filled with treats, including traditional "lucky candy" and year of the dragon stickers, will go home with your children this week, and they will be learning more about how to celebrate Lunar New Year traditions in class, including art, garden, and library. 

  • In addition to the stuffed envelope, we will have empty envelopes available. This is totally optional, but a way to celebrate traditionally includes feeding the "lion" a red envelope containing money (coins, dollar bills) for good luck. We will have some extra empty red envelopes on the day of the lion dance for anyone who would like to add a small amount of money to the envelope to feed the lion for good luck.

  • You may notice that the lion will "eat "cabbage during the performance. The symbolism of this lies in Chinese culture, where cabbage represents wealth and abundance in life. The Chinese name for the napa cabbage is homophonous with the words 'hundred' and 'wealth' and it is thus viewed as a sign of prosperity in China.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact the AAPI Parents Group Lead, Marissa Dominguez. Hope to see you there!