MOVEATHON: Win 4 tickets to Great America! And other key details
Thu, Nov 3 7:56am

The Moveathon is going strong, and we’re gearing up for the Saturday walking day! 



  • Have your kids seen the prize flyer? Do they know they can be entered to win 4 tickets to Great America?? Students receive prizes for reaching certain activity (laps) and monetary goals. Click here to see the prize flyer. All prizes subject to availability.


  • Speaking of prizes…we just met our second school-wide goal! We have raised over $15,000 as a school, so the kids have earned a movie day at school! Details forthcoming. 
  • On the subject of motivation…please bring a box of frozen popsicles to the Saturday event (or another treat like a granola bar or Z-bar that is easy for kids to eat on the move). Kids will pass the popsicle/snack station at the end of each lap, and one thing that gives kids energy for another lap is a popsicle and a high five! (And orange slices…which we’ll also have ready for them!)
  • And to get them excited now…on Friday each child will receive their official RHS Moveathon 2022 t-shirt, which they will need for the Saturday event! Keep an eye out for this in your child’s backpack (or on their body if they are so excited they put it right on). They need to wear the t-shirt on Saturday so we can track their laps on their shirt! 

We can’t wait to see you. Questions? Click here for all things Moveathon, or email Jen Lachance (