Message About Likely Upcoming Public Safety Power Shutoff
Sat, Oct 24 3:16pm

Dear Redwood Heights Families,

I hope you all are having an enjoyable Saturday.

Many of you may have received the latest message from OUSD News.  According to PG&E, due to severe weather/winds we are expected to have a public safety power shutoff in the Redwood Heights neighborhood beginning Sunday. This shutoff may last a few days. The teachers will have asynchronous work for students by early MON morning.  Below is the message sent from OUSD. As soon as I am updated I will send a message to all of you ASAP.


Take care,





Dear Oakland Community,

We have learned that there is expected to be a major weather event in the coming days that will likely prompt PG&E to issue a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) once again. In a worst case scenario, the PSPS would begin on Sunday, 10/25 and last until Wednesday, 10/28 or later. That means some of our schools could be without power for three straight days, and homes in the neighborhoods could be affected, as well. Based on what we know so far, this PSPS could affect at least eleven schools. We will know more about the scheduled impact later in the weekend. The eleven schools are:

◦ Chabot Elementary
◦ Community Day
◦ Grass Valley Elementary
◦ Hillcrest K-8
◦ Joaquin Miller Elementary
◦ Laurel Elementary
◦ Montclair Elementary
◦ Montera Middle School
◦ Redwood Heights Elementary
◦ Skyline High School
◦ Thornhill Elementary

If indeed the power is out and students are unable to attend their classes, they will be asked to do their school work asynchronously, and report in to their teacher the first chance they get, letting them know they were unable to get online. Everyone is asked to charge their computers, WiFi hotspots and cell phones ahead of time, so they can do work during the PSPS. Obviously, if the PSPS lasts three days, that could make charging anything problematic.

Here is some more information from PG&E through the City of Oakland:

● To prevent wildfire and other natural disasters, PG&E has planned a PSPS starting Sunday, October 25, between 4 PM – 8 PM until at least Wednesday, October 28, at 12:00 PM. Around 24,000 Oakland customers could be impacted- a much larger impact in Oakland than the previous outage.

To determine whether a home or neighborhood will experience an outage, PG&E customers should visit the PSPS page on the PG&E website and type in the address at: This information will likely change as conditions change. 

● The Oakland Fire Department is up staffing during this event, with OFD Engine companies conducting roving patrols as is customary during Red Flag Warnings events. OPD will be patrolling impacted neighborhoods. OPS will be stationed at impacted intersections

● PG&E is the sole manager of PSPS planning, contacting Medical Baseline customers, power shut-off, and power restoration. 

When we receive additional information, we will pass it along to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you.