Monthly Library Committee Meetings
Library Committee
1 day before, 7 days before

Join the committee that keeps the library program healthy and strong for our school.  Help fundraise, organize and choose books, and create quality programs and support the RHS Library.  


We will meet in the RHS Library on EVEN Months (October - December - February, etc,) where we will have the chance to be in the room where it happens!  Come help with a project while you see first hand where the students learn to love reading and libraries.  On ODD months we will hold our meetings at Peet's on Redwood Road to save our budget for MORE BOOKS!   Come join our discussion and add your ideas and support to our cause!


The RHS Library's mission is to support students and reading.  We host an author visit, the Scholastic Bookfair and invite librarians from Oakland Public Library to speak with our students among other things.  We support the Library Clerk, Emily Akemon and help her organize the generous volunteers that give their time to our library.  We hope you can join in the fun!

Thu, Mar 12 6:00pm

Thu, Apr 9 6:00pm

Thu, May 14 6:00pm