Oct. 11 - Deadline to submit Auction Item or Service Donations
Fri, Oct 11
Redwood Heights Elementary
1 day before

Deadline to Submit an Auction Item or Service Donation - Oct. 11


We need lots of donations and the most popular items always come from community members like you. This is a great way to share your passion or business. 

Are you an artist and can donate one of your original pieces?

Have an AirBnB or a vacation house that could use some warmth?

Are you a Master chef and  can offer a homemade, neighborhood delivered dinner for 4!

Are you a season ticket holder and have extra sports or music tickets?

Yoga teacher, plumber or electrician? Everyone needs them! How about an offer to pet sit?

Whatever small or big idea you have, we will take it! 

Every offering actually DOES make a difference. 

Donation form:    https://forms.gle/LyUdUEP4vwhX21ng8


Many donations will be in the Online Auction that runs from Oct. 18 to Nov. 2. 

Some donations will be at the Live Auction event on Nov. 16.