PARENTS WORKDAY - Saturday, 9/28 starting at 9 am - WE NEED YOUR HELP! FOR SURE!
Sat, Sep 28 9:00am-1:00pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

Hello everyone!


The Dad's Club is calling out to everyone to participate in our PARENT WORKDAY to make our school better for all our children. This workday we will give our focus to the GARDEN of the school. Together with the garden committee, we will do the necessary projects to improve it. Love gardening? Here is your chance to help out. But we will also do other projects, the more people, the more can be done!


WHEN: Saturday, 9/28 from 9 am on

WHERE: Entrance of the school

LEAD: Eric Turk at

TOOLS: bring small tools for sure, gardening tools will help too


Thanks so much for helping out! You can use our sign-up sheet, so we know who is coming or just drop in!

The Dad's Club