PDFs for tonight's PTA Community Meeting
Thu, Sep 15 10:55am

Hi, everyone,

In preparation for tonight's community meeting, I've attached some documents! If you have a chance to give them a quick read ahead of time, fantastic (but no pressure):

  • Tonight's Agenda (PTA-GM Agenda_09152022.pdf);
  • Meeting minutes May 2022 (RHS PTA Minutes 05192022.docx.pdf), as we need to vote to approve them;
  • Our proposed 2022-2023 budget (Proposed Budget 2022-2023.pdf), approved by our general membership last year and up for a vote for official adoption tonight;
  • A budget presentation to contextualize the numbers you see in the budget (Proposed Budget 2022-2023 Presentation.pdf)

We'll see you at 6pm on the yard for dinner and our book swap! The meeting will run from 6:30pm - 7:30pm.

All my best,