Parenting in Support of Black Lives - Free Webinar This Wednesday
Wed, Jun 17 12:00pm-3:00pm
Redwood Heights Elementary
1 day before

Dear Redwood Heights Community,

I want to encourage those of you who have availability during the workday to attend this workshop. The moderator, Dr. Allison Briscoe-Smith, is a local psychologist and educator - our teachers attended anti-bias training with her a few years ago, and she is excellent.



Parenting in Support of Black Lives: 

How to Build a Just Future for Kids 

(and How Media Can Help)

Sponsored by Common Sense Media


Wednesday, 6/17 from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM


The event will feature Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, leading scholar on race in America in conversation with Julie Lythcott-HaimsNew York Times bestselling author and activist, moderated by child psychologist Dr. Allison Briscoe-Smith.  


Description: Through 400 years of systemic oppression and racism, our nation has failed to protect and value Black children and families. How do we support a future where all children are valued? And when we're parenting amid crisis and trauma, how can we find support for ourselves and our kids? Our conversation will center on these important questions and provide practical, how-to advice for talking about race and inspiring kids to fight for racial equity.


Link is below - registration is free but they do ask that you sign up in advance to attend