Please Take the CHKS SURVEY:)...Thank You!
Weekly on and Thursdays from Feb 21, 2019 to Feb 28, 2019
Redwood Heights Elementary

Hello Everyone!


Thank you to those of you who have taken the California Healthy Kids Survey.  It provides such valuable information to our school and district. 

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of parents have taken the survey.  We really need to hear your voice!  I’d like to share a few of the questions that are on the survey that may be important to you.

  • At this school, discipline is fair
  • My child’s cultural background is valued
  • How confident are you in your ability to make sure your child’s school meets his or her learning needs?
  • How hard or challenging does your child find the academic work at school?
  • School staff meets my needs in a timely manner
  • School staff takes my concerns seriously
  • My school offers quality instruction

Please take the survey ASAP.  Here is the link for your convenience.

Redwood Heights PARENT CHKS Survey Link


Thank you for your participation!