Wed, Mar 2 9:26pm

Hey ya'all!


How are sales going? We have just over 2 more weeks to sell RAFFLE TICKETS!

Prizes include gift cards of $500, $350 and $150!!


Have you asked your neighbors? Faraway family?


Raising money through the Raffle funds our art program, music, and library. 


AND if your kid sells more 4 books of tickets (40 tickets) AND they turn in the stubs and money by MARCH 11, YOU GET A FREE TICKET to the AUCTION on 3/19!


  • As of this week, sales leaders include:
    • Avi Bachelder of Ms. Boston's Kindergarten Class!
    • Mark Villaneuva in Ms. Mathis' class is tied with
    • Zayden Toley of Ms S's class.
    • Nala Bickham is still on the board.



You can bring money raised, ticket stubs and get additional tickets every Friday at the collections table outside the Aliso gate or the front of school.

Questions or need more tickets? Email Claire Moore (claritadelune@gmail.com) or call Elisheva 510-575-5175.