RHS Family Update : Message from our Teachers
Wed, May 3 8:11pm

Hi, everyone,

As a reminder, the teachers' union will begin their Unfair Labor Practice strike tomorrow, Thursday, May 4.

Now, more than ever, we want to voice our appreciation and respect for our community - administrators, staff, educators, and families alike - as we work together to support each other through this time.

  • Our teachers have a letter they have written to share with you, and you can read it here.
  • OEA has released an FAQ that you can read here.
  • You can sign up to volunteer at a solidarity strike school location here, or check your Konstella classroom channel for other volunteer opportunities.
  • Please reach out to us here in Konstella or at admin@redwoodheightspta.org if you have specific questions that we might be able to answer.
  • And, because there's a lot happening and we want to make sure this doesn't get lost in the shuffle, we encourage you to take a moment to complete next year's classroom assignment survey here. This is the survey Principal Cynthia wrote about in her ParentSquare post that went out this evening, which you can read in full here.

Thank you all.

Respectfully yours,

Anna & Tiffany