RHS Family Update : Strike Continues Wednesday
Tue, May 9 8:30pm

Hi, RHS Community,

The strike will continue Wednesday, May 10. The district (OUSD) and union (OEA) have reached two Tentative Agreements (TA), so let's all hope for more movement in that direction! Here are the latest updates:

  • We have a new community letter from our teachers that you can read here. Meanwhile, we welcome you to come by the strike line at RHS tomorrow from 7:30am - 11am. Our striking community members are here to help us understand what's happening and why as everyone works toward a resolution.
  • The OEA released a side-by-side proposal comparison that you can review here. To the best of my knowledge, it is still accurate (it was published yesterday).
  • Solidarity/Strike School at First Covenant Church continues Wednesday. Huge shout out to Pastors Sarah Henry and Danny Fitelson for welcoming so many of our children to their space, and another huge shout out to the volunteers making this possible: Seghen Maascio, Claire Moore, Tiffany Grissette, Tracy Herrera, Adam Gould, Ayinde Ahmad, and Lindsay Knox... thank you all so very, very much. For more information and to sign up your child, read Tiffany's update here. Also, if you can spare a few hours to volunteer, please consider signing up.
  • The incredible Mr. Jeff will return Thursday to the Dimond Branch of the Oakland Public Library from 10am to 12pm. Please note that this is not a dropoff, but it is a chance to engage the kids.

Please don't hesitate to email admin@redwoodheightspta.org or contact us here in Konstella if you have any specific concerns or questions, and we'll have another update for you tomorrow evening.

All our best,

Anna & Tiffany