RHS Move-a-thon launch!
Thu, Apr 14 1:00pm
Hello Parents and Caregivers,
In case you missed it, the RHS Move-a-thon officially launched this week! This year’s theme is “Be Really Cool! Move and Groove!!!” (submitted by Brianna Wong, 5th Grade), and our art contest winners to accompany the theme are Claire Driscoll (1st Grade) and Olivia Grippo (5th Grade). Congratulations, Brianna, Claire, and Olivia!

This Move-a-thon is about getting our kids to get their bodies moving, celebrating all different ways we can be active and healthy together. This event prioritizes inclusion, holistic health, body positivity, and enjoyment!

Similar to the walk-a-thon, students will get pledges from donors (family, friends, neighbors, etc.) related to how many "laps" they do, but what's different is that students will have many different opportunities for activities to try, AND they will get to do those activities at school throughout the week! 

This week of fun will be May 9-14th, with daily challenges at school Monday through Friday. COVID permitting, we will cap off the week with a Saturday day of walking (akin to the walk-a-thon) and celebration with families on Saturday, May 14th.

To get started: 

  • With your child, create their page and avatar through Walkstarter (https://rhs.walkstarter.org). Click on My Walkstarter to get started! See details here

  • Collect donations. See this document for tips and tricks!

  • Get ready to get moving on May 9th

  • Questions? Check out this FAQs document. 

This event is an opportunity for all kids to be involved and for us to celebrate the end of the year with a focus on health and fun with friends.