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Please reach out by email if you have any questions, concerns or compliments.


Principal Cynthia Bagby


RHS Spotlight: September 28th, 2020

New RHS TECH SUPPLY PICKUP HOURS beginning week of 10/5/2020: TUE &THU 8:30 - 12 noon

Contact jenniferrhshugs@gmail.com and/or cynthia.bagby@ousd.org if you have questions.

Parent Engagement and Wellness Survey

Our goal is to be of service to our Redwood Heights Families during distance learning. Please complete this survey to help us determine best ways to connect with and engage our parents. We appreciate your input.

New Jabber System Phone # for Redwood Heights: 510-879-2148

Every school has been issued a new main phone number. Our new number is 510-879-2148. This will be our primary number during distance learning. This number is also located on the home page of the Redwood Heights Website. 510-879-2148 will directly connect you with ADMIN, Ms.K and Attendance Clerk, Ms. Eve.

Dear RHS Families

We hope this message finds you well and that you were able to take in some fresh air and outdoor fun during the weekend. However my heart goes out to those effected by the latest Glass Fire in Sonoma County that began on Sunday. This fire began as a 20 acre blaze and has now burned 11,000 plus acres. As a result the wildfire smoke has returned and currently, our school's air quality index rating on Air Now is 71 in the yellow. It is expected to remain yellow until Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed for 100% containment and clear skies ASAP.

When will we return to the school building?

The number one question I get from our parents is "When do you think we are returning to the building for instruction?". OUSD is committed to making a decision based on the 4SsScience, Safety, Staff Support and Student Learning. Also the OUSD agreement with Oakland Education Association (OEA) - the teachers union - runs through December 31, 2020. OUSD has indicated that they are interested in applying for a waiver to return back for in person instruction. If the state grants OUSD a waiver to return to the building they will have to come to an agreement with all labor partners. As you can imagine, all of this is will be a lengthy process. Take time to read the information about the possibility of in-person instruction in the latest message from our Superintendent Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell: Connecting with Kyla.

How can we support you?

Take time to complete the Parent Engagement and Wellness Survey above. Ms. Jennifer, our HUGS Counselor will begin holding a virtual space for our parents to support each other. The Parent Engagement & Wellness Survey will help us create topics and agendas.

How can you support others?

Thank you again for supporting the ongoing RHS Cares GoFundMe campaign by our HUGS counselor Jennifer Wilson. As a result of your donations we have been able to pay many months of rent, buy hundreds of dollars of groceries and supply daily living necessities.

Support our Redwood Heights OCTOBER FOOD DRIVE!! This has been created by our HUGS counselor Jennifer Wilson. Please read the information below!

If you would like to receive ongoing food support or need other assistance please contact Jennifer Wilson @ jenniferrhshugs@gmail.com.

Thank you for recognizing the fluidity of the situation as we all continue to adjust and pivot during these relentless challenging times.

Again, please complete the Parent Engagement and Wellness Survey to help us determine how best to support your wellness too.


Principal Bagby

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Redwood Heights OCTOBER FOOD DRIVE!!

Hello RHS Community!

I first of all want to say thank you to all of you who have supported the GoFundMe campaign for our families.

Many of you have asked if there are other ways to support families and the answer is “Yes”!


WHEN: Starting Thursday, October 1

HOW: Every Tuesday and Thursday, between 8:30 am -12:00 pm, there will be bins at the main front entrance to the school at 4401 39th Ave. You may drop off food in the bins. Please do not leave food at other times unless you have arranged it with Ms. Jennifer or Principal Bagby.

WHO: Everyone! Anyone can donate.

We are accepting all non perishable foods. If you want to donate flour or sugar, please make sure it is in secure packaging.

If you want to donate fruits or vegetables, we will make sure these get quickly distributed.

If you have other items you want to donate, please contact: jenniferrhshugs@gmail for further information.

If you are food insecure, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Jennifer who will arrange a pick up or drop off time.

 SPOTLIGHT: Boston's Distance Learning Workspace
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Boston's Teaching Recording Studio

Colleen Boston uses her small group table to have all of her teaching tools at her fingertips. She added a second computer monitor so she can see all of her lovely student's faces.
RHS Cares gofundme Opportunity

Click here to go directly to this gofundme page.

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RHS Cares gofundme Opportunity

RHS CARES gofundme

During this time of shelter-in-place due to COVID, some Redwood Heights families have been severely impacted and unable to pay rent or buy food. Some are unable to leave their homes to access food banks or other resources due to medical reasons, lack of safe transportation, or other obstacles.

We have been able to provide some cash assistance through our PTA; however, we have realized that the needs are greater than what the PTA is able to provide on its own.

We have been working with RHS parents who need immediate cash assistance to support their families and avoid falling through the cracks.

This cash support will be a lifeline for these parents, allowing them to feed their children, stay in their homes, pay for medical costs, and maintain their utilities. They are so grateful and frequently in tears upon receiving help from the community.

We can all really make a difference here! We are fortunate to have a generous, caring community.

All funds raised from this campaign will go directly to RHS families in need of financial support during this time.

Thank you for supporting these families and showing up in community!



Jennifer Wilson

HUGS (Helping Us Grow Stronger) Update

HUGS (Helping Us Grow Stronger) Update

Greetings Redwood Heights Community.

We have just finished our sixth week of school. For some of us it may feel like six months due to the enormity of what we are experiencing right now. Here at RHS we have been assessing the needs of families and students over the past 6 weeks. We have been talking with caregivers during coffee chats, surveys, Back to School Night, parent/teacher virtual home visits, and 1:1 conversations. Our COST (Care of Services Team) has been meeting weekly to create systems of support and to discuss how we can best support students and families during this distance learning time.


We are thrilled that once again we will have two HUGS interns. Cierra and Logan, will facilitate small groups and provide 1:1 support to students and families. The interns are eager to get started in getting to know the RHS community.

  • Due to distance learning, the interns will be offering “Lunch Bunch” small groups for all grades. Initially, they will be starting with Kindergarten. The goal is to bring students together to get to know others in a fun, easy going and connecting manner. Each group will meet for 3 weeks and will have 3 students in each group. A separate email will be sent to Kindergarten families.

  • Additionally, Cierra and Logan will be inviting 4th/5th graders to participate in a group with 6-8 students. These groups will last 8-10 weeks and rotate through the school year. The goal of these groups is to provide community, support and connection for students outside of the academic Zoom calls. This is our attempt to be proactive regarding what we know about the social emotional development of this age group. We know that for some students it is especially challenging during distance learning and we want to support all students.



  • Covid - 19 Related Support Group

This is a group for caregivers who have been personally impacted by a positive COVID 19 test, yourself or family member, and/or experienced a death in their family due to COVID 19. Please join us for this confidential and supportive forum. This is an opportunity to receive support and offer support to others.


  • Parenting during COVID

Join other parents in supporting each other and learning ways to navigate this challenging time. This group is for caregivers who are feeling stressed as distance learning continues, as smoke from California fires envelopes us and as challenging life situations unfold. Please join us for this confidential and supportive forum.


Day and time to be determined by interested parties. Ms. Jennifer will be facilitating the group. Please email Ms. Jennifer at: jenniferrhshugs@gmail.com for more information, questions and to sign up.

HUGS Intern: Cierra Ivey

My name is Cierra Ivey. I was born and raised in Oakland, CA.I am 36 years old pursuing my degree in social work at California State University EastBay. I have my bachelors degree in social work, which I received in 2014 from Sacramento State University. I have volunteered with several non profit organizations throughout Oakland, CA. Throughout my years of volunteering, I have helped children and learned so much from them as well. I love children of all ages and am excited to be a part of the Redwood Heights community.
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HUGS Intern: Logan Moody

Logan Moody is currently studying Drama Therapy at CIIS in San Francisco. They are excited to be part of the RHS community this year while working as an intern in the HUGS program. They graduated in 2018 from UC Berkeley with a degree in theater and performance studies. Their love for theatre and seeing how it can have a therapeutic effect lead them to their current graduate studies. Their focus both academically and personally has been in social justice art and community building. They hope to bring art, compassion, respect, and a deep sense of community to their work in the HUGS program and school and look forward to learning and growing alongside the kiddos every day.

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Below is the protocol for Chromebook pick up or if you need to switch-out hardware:



  1. Families complete the RHS DIstance Learning Tech and Wellness Survey for our records.
  2. Pick up the Chromebook (hotspots if available) MON - THU between 8:30 am - 12 noon ( I'm here at the school during these times).



  1. Recording of Class on Zoom by Student or Family Member. Under Education Code section 51512, Students and family members may only take an audio or video recording of a class (or any parts of a class) on Zoom if they have first obtained written permission to do so from both the teacher and the principal.

  2. Interactions with Teacher/Other Students during Class. Family members may observe their own child during a class on Zoom from off screen and are asked to inform the teacher if possible. However, family members should not interact with the teacher or other students, except to briefly address time-sensitive technical issues, and only where not disruptive. Any concerns regarding a teacher’s teaching or student’s learning must be raised outside the Zoom class.

  3. Familial Support for Children during Class. Family members may support their own child during a class on Zoom provided that such support does not take their child away from instruction, and so long as the support is not otherwise disruptive of how the teacher is teaching the class.

Coronavirus FAQS

For more information on the novel Coronavirus, please see the Coronavirus FAQS posted on our Alameda County Public Health Department website www.acphd.org


Hand Hygiene.pdf

Hand Hygiene Mini Poster

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