RHS community, we need your voices to help us keep Ms. Rene and Ms. Kaycee!
Tue, Mar 14 10:50am

Hey, RHS families,

We need your help! Oakland Unified School District’s planned budget for next year cuts two important roles from our school: our Community School Manager (CSM) and Teacher on Special Assignment (TSA).

If the budget gets approved, this means we will lose Ms. Rene and Ms. Kaycee.

We have already written a letter to the district detailing how instrumental these roles are to the overall health and strength of our community, co-signed by every parent in a leadership role in our PTA and Affinity Groups.

It’s now time to broaden this effort to bring in testimonials from parents and children about the ways Ms. Rene and Ms. Kaycee impact our community.

Would you take five minutes to share a story about your family’s experience with Ms. Rene and/or Ms. Kaycee? Email your submissions to Anna Heath at admin@redwoodheightspta.org until 5pm on Thursday, March 16th.

If your child has ever had a tough day or challenging moment, or needed some support navigating feelings big and small, chances are that they’ve spent time in the offices these two incredible faculty members have created to provide safe, consistent spaces for our children. They are passionate advocates for creating an inclusive, equitable environment for all our families, and if you’ve experienced a more welcoming community this year, it’s due in no small part to their efforts.

You can stay anonymous in your comments, if you prefer - we just want a collection of community testimonials to submit to the school board in support of keeping these positions funded not only at RHS, but in all elementary schools in danger of losing these vital roles.

Thank you so much for your time. We appreciate you.

Tiffany Grissette & Anna Heath
President & Executive Vice President