Redwood Heights School Site Council (SSC) Meeting
Redwood Heights School Library
2 days before, 7 days before

School Site Council (SSC) Meeting - All are welcome to attend!



5:15 - Welcome & review/approve September meeting minutes

5:20 - Review/approve 2017-18 School Safety Plan

5:30 - Review 2017-18 RHS School Site Council Development Plan & standards for improvement

  • Standard 3: Meaningful Family, Student and Community Engagement
  • Standard 5: Accountability

5:40 - Review RHS Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)

  • Focus: Family Engagement
  • Leading indicators from California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)

6:25 - Next steps/action items


SSC meets on the second Tuesday of each month from 5:15-6:30 pm in the RHS Library and is open to any interested person. Mark your calendar for next month's meeting: November 14, 2017.


What is the School Site Council (SSC)? The SSC is the leadership body of the school responsible for ensuring that our students' educational needs are met. The Council is composed of parents/caregivers, community members, faculty, and administration. It serves as the central point of school site-based planning and management, and works in collaboration with other school organizations, including the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the Dads' Club.


Questions? Contact Monica Lin, SSC Chair (parent of 1st & 3rd graders), via Konstella.