Request for RHS Families to Complete the OUSD Meal Application by 9/18/2020
Thu, Sep 10 2:02pm

Dear Redwood Heights Families,

Under the K-12 finance formula signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, districts can receive additional funds for every high-needs student enrolled – as much as $3,000 per student.  High-needs students are defined as low-income, English learners, or foster youth. The state’s funding formula for public education in California rewards districts with additional funds for each student who qualifies for free and reduced meal services. It is important to have all OUSD families complete the form so that each student is counted.

Among the unknowns is the number of low-income students who aren’t signed up for free- and reduced-price meals, and won’t be included in the count. It is our school's responsibility to account for our funds.   Identifying all eligible students and families is crucial. I am requesting all families to complete the lunch forms below by September 18th or sooner.

If you are a "new" family to OUSD since 11/1/19 - 10/31/20 and do not wish to complete the meal application, please complete the LCFF form instead - we will receive additional funding if you qualify:

Please take a moment and read below our Superintendent Kyla Johnson's email regarding this request. If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. K @ or our Attendance Clerk Eve Isbell @






Fall 2020 

Dear Parents of Oakland Students Enrolled Between 11/1/19 - 10/31/20, 

I am writing to ask for your help. You can help make sure California gives Oakland the resources we need to support your child by filling out the Local Control Funding Formula/School Funding Form. This is especially important because we are facing the possibility of a drastic reduction in overall state funding for education due to the coronavirus. 

Completing the Local Control Funding Formula/School Funding Form increases Oakland Schools’ funding. Under state law, Oakland receives additional funding for students who are: (1) living in poverty, (2) learning English, or (3) in foster care. To get this money, California requires us to establish how many students are in each category by asking families to fill out the Local Control Funding Formula/School Funding Form. To receive the maximum amount, we must have 100% of eligible students/families complete the steps below. 

  • Unfortunately, every year, Oakland loses millions of dollars because people do not fill out forms. We need this money to support our students by hiring teachers, offering electives, and buying supplies. 

Your information is safe with us. This information is only used for the purpose of confirming funding with the state of California. Our staff are directed to do everything possible to ensure our community is protected from any actions that would violate their civil rights or threaten their safety. OUSD cannot and will not share any of your personal information to agencies that are gathering citizen status information. Any information that is shared with us must and will be kept safe and secure and will only be used for qualifying purposes for additional funding to our district for students that qualify. For more information, please visit 

  • Data Security: OUSD applies Information Technology best practices, including physically secure data centers, firewalls, encryption, antivirus software, secure application design, network monitoring, etc. To Help Increase Funding For Child’s School, Please Do The Following: 
  • Complete all required sections on the front of this form or complete the on-line LCFF form at
  • Sign & date the form 
  • Turn in the form: Return the completed LCFF form to your school site (or complete the form on-line) 
    • Deadline: Please turn in form by Friday, September 11, 2020. 

    By completing the form and turning it in as soon as possible, you will help us to better serve our students. 


    Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell Superintendent Oakland Unified School District