SSC Establishment Meeting 2019=2020
Tue, Sep 10 5:15pm-6:00pm
Redwood Heights Elementary Teacher's Lounge
2 days before

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

You are invited to attend this meeting to establish our 2019-20 School Site Council. Parents/community members will have an opportunity to elect parent and community representatives to the Council. Teachers and other staff members will be elected by their peer groups to serve as school representatives.

California Education Code (Section 64001) requires schools that receive state and federal funding to establish a School Site Council (SSC). The major responsibilities of the SSC include the development of a Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), monitoring its implementation, evaluating the results, and making updates as needed.

This Council offers an excellent opportunity for parents, community members, and school staff and administration to work together and plan for the achievement  of all students with a mandate to focus on our LCFF target populations.  We encourage you to join us in electing your representatives to our SSC.

In partnership,

Principal Bagby-Ellison

Dara Goosby, SSC Chair & RHS Parent



Agenda Item


Welcome, Introductions and Agreements









SSC training/Q&A

  1. Responsibilities of the SSC
  2. Composition of the SSC
  3. Focus on target populations: Low Income, English Learners, Foster Youth, African American, Latino, Asian PI, and SPED students 
  4. Selection of members
  5. Officers
  6. Bylaws
  7. Rules of order
  8. Records


Peer election of members


Election of officers


Approve bylaws


Confirm schedule of future meetings


Next steps/action items


Questions? Contact Dara Goosby, SSC Chair (parent of 3rd grader), via Konstella.