School Site Council Meeting

Redwood Heights School Council Meeting, 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Curious about how the school maintains its excellence in teaching and learning? 

Want to make a difference in your child’s & other students’ education?

Committed to partnering with the school leadership & faculty?

.…Then get involved in the RHS School Site Council! 



Wednesday,  | 5:15-6:15 pm 
Topic: SSC 23/24 Meeting
Time: 05:15 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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School Site Council (SSC) is a mandated advisory body created by the federal government to support students who are most at risk. The SSC is a school-community representative body made up of the Principal, Teachers, Other School Personnel, Parents, Community Members and Students.  All schools that receive federal or state categorical funding are required to have a School Site Council to give input and help decide how to spend categorical funds. 
This SSC offers an excellent opportunity for parents, community members, and school staff and administration to work together and plan for the achievement of all students with a mandate to focus on our LCFF target populations:
● Foster Youth ● English Learners ● Students with Disabilities ● African American ● Latino ● those eligible for free and reduced lunch 
The School Site Council helps develop and approves the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), reviews specific goals and school improvements, monitors the implementation of the Single Plan and of student achievement,  assesses strategies currently in place, works with other school based Advisory groups, and encourages parent, family, and community involvement.  
Our Redwood Heights SSC  will be guided by  OUSD’s 23/24 Commitment.... We are committed to working relentlessly and unapologetically to become an anti-racist and equity-driven school system. This means that we center our decision-making, resources and instruction to address the needs and lift up the assets of our most marginalized students and families.

OUSD Equity Goals: ● Eliminate the correlation between social and cultural factors and probability of success ● Examine biases, interrupt & eliminate inequitable practices, and create inclusive & just conditions for all students ● Discover and cultivate the unique gifts, talents, and interests that every student possesses. 
During our SSC Meetings we will review the  OUSD Racial Equity and Healing Task Force  Focus of Study: ● Bias, Trauma & Relationships ● Culturally Responsive Practices ● Anti-racist Educator Practices ● Equitable Family & Student Engagement ● Healing Centered Restorative Justice ● History & White Supremacy  
All agendas and minutes are posted for public information and anyone who wishes to come to a council meeting is welcome.   Redwood Heights Elementary School
School Site Council (SSC) Establishment Meeting
Wednesday,  5:15-6:15 pm

Topic: SSC 23/24 Meeting
Time: 05:15 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 880 4379 9871Passcode: 833123