Spotlight on Gratitude
Fri, May 12 3:25pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

Hello RHS community!


We just finished up an assembly where we all took a moment to take on an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE. Teachers shared their gratitude for their hard-working, zany, beautiful students. We spent a moment being grateful for running water and our lovely state of California. Students spoke about their gratitude for family, friends, and warm homes.


It's hard sometimes to take on an attitude of gratitude, but the good stuff is there when you look for it. Like when moms tell you to go to bed and do your homework and brush your teeth, it's easy to roll your eyes and whine, "do I have to?" If you pause for a moment though you might realize they do these things because they love you too much not to.


Thank you to all you RHS mothers. Thank you for your strength, patience, dedication, and complexity. Thank you for raising the future scientists, leaders, creators, artists, and rebels of the world. Thank you for making motherhood a part of your identity. 


Happy Mother's Day!


With love,

RHS Team