Spotlight on Learning
Fri, Feb 17 3:08pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

Spotlight on Learning


Happy 100th Day of School! Today Ms. Boston and Ms. Gravelle’s classes are celebrating the 100th day of school by writing a 100 Day Book and counting out a 100 Day Snack using ten frames. Being able to skip count by 10s to 100 and use ten frames to demonstrate groups of tens and ones to understand place value are two important first grade math standards. Today, however, the lucky students get to explore these math concepts using marshmallows, raisins, M&M’s, pretzel sticks, and Chex! The 100 Day book is another great example of how writing is integrated throughout the day at RHS in a variety of genres and for a variety of purposes. Congrats to all the RHS Kindergartners who have just completed their first 100 days of elementary school!!!



Spotlight on SEL


Following our assembly on citizenship, we have continued to contemplate how our individual decisions affect the culture of Redwood Heights. This week we emphasized to the students that walking around in Redwood Island could hurt our beautiful Redwood trees and playing on the ramps during recess makes it difficult for classes and teachers to do their work. We explained these reasons, posted signs, and are giving the students the whole week to remember these expectations without a consequence. It’s been a treat to see how willing and even excited students are to show respect by following the expectations. Kids are holding each other accountable by giving kind reminders. Ms. Claudia reports that the art portable is no longer constantly shaking from running recess feet. These may seem like small changes, but the eagerness of our students to collaborate and work together is a testament to the strength of the Redwood Heights community! Thank you all for being respectful, thoughtful citizens of RHS!