Spotlight on Learning
Fri, Mar 24 3:10pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

Spotlight on Engineering Extravaganza!!!!

Excitement, focus, passion, creativity, curiosity, discovery, busy happy minds and bodies...what an extravaganza it was! Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in RHS’ first ever Engineering Extravaganza night. The auditorium was bustling with families experimenting, creating, and learning.

Students built lego cities, crafted boxes, connected circuits, engineered marble runs, built ramps, and designed and tested parachute models.


Other fun, educational stations included Recycling, Tops, Catapults, Dowels, and Earthquake Engineering.


Thank you to all of our parent and teacher volunteers; everyone who helped clean up and put away materials, tables, and chairs at the end; and a special thanks to Ms. Kendricks for organizing this event. Gooooooo Squirrels!!!


Spotlight on a Hard-Worker!

Whether they are concentrating on a tough math problem, negotiating a conflict in four-square, or doing laps in PE, RHS students exert tremendous amounts of effort to participate in all forms of learning. Ezra Brower, a 5th grader in Mr. Kohles’s class, sets a stupendous example for hard work both in and out of the classroom. His efforts are noticed by his peers and staff, on the playground and at his desk. When I asked Ezra about the power of effort, his answer wasn't about a single assignment or his mad b-ball skills or even a project this year. Rather, he described his life-long efforts with speech and language. "In kindergarten, I could barely say a word," Ezra said. "And now I speak clearly." Ezra's confident words and proud smile illustrate that with effort, anything is possible.