Spotlight on Learning
Fri, Apr 14 1:48pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

Spotlight on Learning


In the wake of our fabulous engineering extravaganza, children are hard at work both on science lessons in their classroom and their science projects at home.


Today, Ms. Gravelle’s first graders planted wheat seeds as part of their plant life cycle unit. They also planted alfalfa and have been observing its growth. One of the most important science standards is observation. Students look closely, record observations, and track changes over time.

The RHS Science Fair will be a little different this year. Due to forecasted rain (which would make having the cafetorium full of science fair projects for a week a little difficult) the RHS teacher team has designed an awesome, rain-proof, school-wide Science Fair extravaganza. On Tuesday, April 18, all classes will display their science fair projects in their classrooms. Classes will rotate through all classrooms during a 1-hour period, so that everyone will have a chance to see everyone’s project!


Enjoy supporting your child through the scientific process!!

Question. Hypothesis. Test/Experiment/Research. Record data. Show results.


Spotlight on SEL


We are already finishing up our first week back from Spring Break, and we have a feeling here at RHS that the eight weeks before summer will continue to fly. So this month, we’re trying to slow ourselves down a bit and soak up the magic of small moments with Mindfulness. We want to encourage RHS students to recognize the power of using breath, posture, and directed thoughts to work through challenging external situations. We also want to bring awareness to the profound effects our actions and words have on those around us, and emphasize that the best way to take of others is actually by taking care of ourselves. If we take the time to get into a calm internal space, we can negotiate interactions with others with positivity and love.


It is such a gift to see the astounding feats of teamwork and cooperation accomplished at school every day. Though it’s easy to see the problems and negativity that are unavoidable in life, the fact of the matter is that teamwork is our norm. When students are feeling good and safe while they play or complete a project, they are fully in the moment with themselves and those around them. Second graders Gilly, Sammy, and Lucia worked together to build a hula hoop hut and were unperturbed each of the many times it got knocked down. They’d laugh and restart without blame or discouragement, demonstrating the power of mindfully handling whatever task lies in front of you.


Have a fabulous weekend!

RHS Team