Spotlight on Learning
Fri, May 5 3:14pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

Spotlight on Tech Bridge

Want to know how to make a paper tower or a structurally sound doll house? Need to know more about squids or sheep brains? Ask one of the strong young 5th grade girls in Tech Bridge, a stand-out after school program offered here at RHS. Amanda Harris and Annie Hanes are leading this important class that offers girls the opportunity to dive into science head first. “Hands-on science instruction that encompasses engineering and STEM...girls walk away feeling like they have the potential to do anything,” Ms. Harris explains.



These scientists have dabbled in biology with squid and sheep brain dissection. They’ve become engineers creating buildings and structures and marble races. They are developing hypotheses and testing them out, and in doing so, proving to themselves they can learn anything. “It makes you like science way more because there’s lots of cool experiments that you get to do,” says 5th grader Grace. “Tech Bridge is so fun,” adds Evie, “don’t you wish you were a 5th grade girl?” We are so proud of these young scientists and their passionate approach to learning. Keep it up, ladies!