Spotlight on Learning
Fri, May 19 3:35pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

In Gratitude...

Last night members of the RHS community gathered in the auditorium for a lovely celebration: an art show with the theme of Gratitude, a beautiful goodbye to Ms. Claudia and Ms. Mahoney, and a yummy Mexican food dinner with ice cream for dessert. The students’ artwork was beautiful and their sentiments of gratitude to Ms. Claudia, or simply for the subject of their art, were thoughtful and profound. Something new at RHS was also on display: a small group of third and fifth graders, led by Lisa Hoffman and Ms. Claudia, with the support of Ms. Harris, Ms. Sanders, and Ms. Weissman, displayed the fruits of a digital art portfolio pilot project. The open laptops displayed their art, their explanation/reflection of their artwork, and their artist statements. With some modifications, we hope to extend the creation of digital art portfolios to all interested students next year.


We also want to give a huge thank you to other departing staff members, who, as Ms. Ellison mentioned, are spreading their wings and flying on to the next chapter in their lives: Zoe Cronin, Michelle Rémy, Monica Alcala, Kellie Stoddart, Sumoci Haynes, and Cynthia McMillian. All have poured their hearts and labor into the students at RHS and they will be sorely missed.


Title: Ms. Claudia

Artist: Elia Kowalewski, Grade 3

Statement: The best art teacher I ever had, I never would have been able to draw, paint, or sculpt as well if not for Ms. Claudia. I will miss her dearly.


Title: Untitled

Artist: -Mai-An Nygaard, Grade 5

Statement: “A small tribute to the thankfulness I have for this school.”


Title: “Mico and Mommy”

Artist: Mico Aseron, Kindergarten

Statement: “I appreciate Ms. Claudia’s art. This painting is abstract.”


A Creative Thinker and Budding Phillanthropist

When Devika Kofoed, a kindergarten student, decided she didn’t want to participate in the walkathon, but still wanted to raise money for the school, she took matters into her own hands. Thinking outside the box, Devika decided to create her own fundraiser. She helped her mother bake chocolate cookies, which she then sold to neighbors and family friends. In the end, Devika raised $36, which she proudly delivered to Ms. Ellison as a donation to RHS. “She was really happy,” Devika said of Ms. Ellison’s reaction. Great job Devika!!! We’re impressed by your agency and we love your innovative, creative spirit!