Spotlight on Learning: 11/05/18
Mon, Nov 5 6:08pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

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Using Our Words Tool: I use the "right" words in the "right" way.

Careful use of words encourages understanding, connection, and intimacy. Careless or offensive words harm relationships. By learning the importance of words and how they impact relationships, the Using Our Words Tool gives us voice to ask for what we want an need. This is a skill we must learn. Using the 'right' words, at the "right" time, in the 'right" way, for the "right" reasons creates the possibility for deeper connections to self and others. Using Our Words well helps us with clarifying misunderstandings and conflict resolution.

The Empathy Tool: I care for others. I care for myself.

Empathy is noticing how another person is feeling and being able to understand what they might be feeling. Empathy is caring about someone else. Empathy is the root of tolerance, kindness, and forgiveness. Turned inward this becomes care and an understanding for oneself.







17 Tips to Steer Kids of All Ages Through the Political Season

The following resources are available to help parents and educators teach children about voting.

  • PBS Parents: This site has a list of common questions children have about voting and some suggested responses. Some of the questions include:
    • What is voting?
    • Who can vote?
    • Why can't kids vote?
    • Why should people vote?
    • Can I become president?
    • How can kids get involved in the election?




We are sending gratitudes and appreciations to Darren and the fabulous PTA Auction Committee for a fun, prosperous night. We look forward to sharing more good news about this fantastic event and the positive outcomes.