Spotlight on Learning: Tech Update 9/19/8
Wed, Sep 19 4:36pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

Dear Redwood Heights Families,

Lexia Assessment

The very first time students login to Lexia (our online word study and phonics program) they take a placement assessment. Lexia then places them at the appropriate level based on their knowledge and skills at that time. This assessment is given by Lexia only the very first time students login, not every school year. 

Occasionally, for a variety of reasons, a teacher might deem it necessary to have the student retake the placement assessment. They will only do this if they notice a large discrepancy between the student’s knowledge/skills and the level they are working on. If the level is much too easy or too hard, it is not serving the student and furthering their learning. 

In order for the Lexia level and material to stay at the correct “just right” level for each student, please do not help your child on Lexia at home or do it for them. If they cannot do it themselves, Lexia reteaches the material. If the student still cannot do it by him/herself and gets too frustrated, you can tell your child to stop working on it and try again (at home) in a few days. On the teacher’s Lexia data dashboard they will be able to see exactly what your child is struggling with, and will teach the content during small group instruction. If you’d like, you can also drop your teacher a quick note letting them know that your child needs classroom support on their current level.

Clever Badges (K-2)

If your child is in Kindergarten through 2nd grade, you should have received an envelope containing your child's Clever badge and login info for our online programs. Please read the info sheet carefully. It includes information on what to do if the Clever badge doesn't work. Please put your child's Clever badge in a safe place! Make a copy or take a picture as well in case you lose it.

Any tech questions? Feel free to email Ms. Weissman at She works part time so please cc Ms. Bagby-Ellison in case she needs to pick up on something while Ms. Weissman is not working. 

 Thank you!

Ms. Bagby-Ellison and Ms. Weissman