Staff Appreciation Week
Mon, May 1 - Fri, May 5
Redwood Heights Elementary
1 day before

Hello RHS Families...


It's that time of the year, when we show our staff how much we appreciate all they do for our students! The most simplest form of thanks can bring the greatest joy.  This year let's show them how much of an ALL STAR Team they are with little tokens of gratitude! 



MVP MONDAY: Let your teachers know why they are your MVP at RHS. Write or draw them a thank you letter expressing how they have helped make this year great for your student.


3-POINT TUESDAY: A team is only as good as its equipment. In order to do well, you must have the right tools. Bring in a supply needed on your teacher's wish list. : a box of Kleenex, an Expo pen, a pack of pencils, etc...


WORLD SERIES WEDNESDAY:  Wear your teacher's favorite color. 


TOUCHDOWN THURSDAY: Your teachers are MVPs with the help of the support staff. Let's pick a flower from our gardens and hand it to one of the special people that are work behind the Front Office Counter! Don't have a garden, hugs & high-fives are welcomed. Not comfortable with the physical contact, a simple "Thank You for all you do!" is great, too!


PEP-RALLYING FRIDAY: Let's end the week with a special treat to anyone that has helped us through the year. Did you have a great time in MUSIC? Did you do a special project in ART? Did you taste something healthily delicious in the GARDEN? Did you play a new game in PE? Take a look at the staff's "Favorite Things" forms for SMALL gifting ideas. For example: get them a copy of their favorite magazine, buy them their favorite candy bar, or get them a $5.00 gift card to their favorite coffee shop.