TRAFFIC SAFETY ISSUE - We need your support to get the City of Oakland's attention
Fri, Apr 30 9:30am

Hello RHS families!


The Dad's Club is trying to fix the traffic safety issue in front of our school. We created a See-Click-Fix (Non-Emergency) issue to get the City of Oakland to do something about our DROP-OFF zone in front of our school. Here are the details:



There is a new pickup and drop-off procedure at Redwood Heights Elementary School and due to COVID safety parents are driving to deliver their kids. The problem is that people are parking in the drop-off lane as well as making U-turns on 39th Ave which is dangerous. The drop-off lane's paint has deteriorated and hard to see and there aren't any official signs to tell drivers that they cannot park in the drop-off lane. One of the street sign poles is so loose that it is leaning out into the lane and can be spun by hand so that the signs posted on it do not face the oncoming traffic. We need to have the drop-off lane repainted, no parking or drop-off lane signs posted as well as No U-Turn signs posted.


Please comment on the post and turn in your own safety complaint on SEE-Click-Fix!


Thanks for your help,

The Dad's Club