Teacher Strike begins this THURSDAY!
Tue, Feb 19 11:03am
Room Parents

When will the strike begin and how long will it last? OEA announced on Saturday that the teacher strike will begin on Thursday, February 21. Presumably, the strike will last as long as it takes for the union and district to reach an acceptable resolution. For context, LA’s recent teacher strike extended into week 2, while Denver settled in 3 days. The 1996 OEA strike lasted 5 weeks.


What can parents do to support teachers? Whether or not you send your child to school, which the district assures us will be open but staffed with emergency substitutes, is your choice. That said, the best way that parents can support teachers to ensure the strike has the greatest impact in, hopefully, the shortest amount of time, is to NOT send your children to school. Do not call them in sick, do not cross the picket line.


I have to work - where can I send my child instead of school? Parent volunteers have organized a strike solidarity school at the Redwood Heights Recreation Center, for at least 60 students, with overflow locations that can be activated if necessary:


  • 18 vetted volunteers, including background checks, are lined up for Thursday & Friday; next week’s schedule TBD
  • The daily schedule includes grade-specific curricula being gathered from RHS teachers
  • Students should bring snacks & lunch, if possible; please indicate on the form if your child needs meal assistance


Please sign up here: bit.ly/SolidaritySchool or text/call Sarah Henry at 510-890-7156. More details will be sent to you after you fill out the form, by Wednesday evening.


In addition, many parents have indicated their ability to help with a childcare share network. If you plan to stay home with your kids and can watch a few more, please add your name in the appropriate grade tab to this form: bit.ly/ChildcareShare


After School Programs: Rockets after-care WILL still be provided at the rec center for those who use it during the strike (there will be no morning care, however, and Ms. Elsie will NOT be operating the walking school bus). Enrichment Classes: Please check in with your individual instructor to see if they plan to hold classes during the strike or offer a make-up day. While they happen after school, since these classes are held on campus, many feel that attending is crossing the picket line.


There is still time to get involved: If you are interested in helping with the strike solidarity school, please contact Sarah Henry at psarahhenry@gmail.com or text/call at 510-890-7156.


If you would like to help with teacher support on the picket line (e.g. bathroom access within walking distance to RHS & food for teachers), please sign up on Konstella - bit.ly/RHSteachersupport - or contact Cindy Ciruli at cindypop@gmail.com 


If you’d like to help with food donations for students who rely on school lunches, please check out the centralized effort Bread for Ed: donorbox.org/breadfored. If you’re available to help coordinate food distribution to the strike solidarity school site, please contact Sarah Henry at psarahhenry@gmail.com or text/call 510-890-7156


How can I learn more?


Questions? Please ask your Room Parent or email RP Coordinator Becky Grigsby at rbgrigsby@gmail.com; if they don’t know the answer they should be able to put you in touch with someone who does!