The Highlights: Auction Edition
Tue, Oct 30 11:33am
Redwood Heights Elementary

Harvest for Learning Auction Update


The online auction closed on Saturday night with a flurry of last minute bids. Most importantly, it raised over $18K for our school!

Raffle & Wine Collections

This has been a banner year for raffle ticket sales. But they’ve got to be in (it) to win it. Currently, the highest ticket seller has sold 200 tickets! Prize is $100 cash! Current total collected is $11,300! Let's sell those last few books off before Friday's last collection! Unsold tickets should be returned on Friday, as well! Look for the Raffle Volunteer around the 1st Friday Coffee Table. If not, your student can give to their teacher for a classroom pick up.

Likewise, this is the last week for wine drop-offs. So, bring those bottles in everyday this week. If you've miss drop offs collections, Ms. K can hold them in the front office.

The auctions is days away!

And we need you to help make it a successful event! 

The big event, happening this Saturday, from 5:30 to 10 p.m. We still need lots of help to make the magic happen, specifically the following:


Setup: 15 people (Approx. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

Cleanup: 15 people

End of night transport and cleanup: 2 spots left  (comes with a free ticket to the event!)

Plating food: 3 people

Greeters: 2 people


Please contact Darren Raveneau at to help out.


Calling all Bakers!

Are you on a baking high from making cupcakes for the Carnival? Do you want to get motivated on your holiday baking a bit early? Do you have a favorite dessert you love to make? Do people rave about your desserts?


The Redwood Heights PTA needs your help! This year we are trying something new, we are looking for a few volunteers to prepare their favorite dessert to be part of a silent auction during the upcoming Harvest for Learning auction. The winners can decide what they want to do with the dessert they win: Share with their table after dinner? Share it with their child’s teacher(s)? Bring it home to their kids? 

Some possible suggestions for impressive desserts that will serve at least 10-12 people: your grandma’s famous apple pie, a plate of macarons, tiramisu, ice cream sandwiches, a tray of frosted cupcakes…. Get creative and see if your dessert receives the highest bid! If you are interested in creating something or would like more information, please contact Emily Wilson ( or Eric Schneider ( Desserts will be on display and open for bidding at the start of the auction party so they will need to be prepared and delivered prior to 4:00pm on November 3rd.


Fall Decoration

Are you planning on getting rid of any pumpkins and gourds after trick or treaters have made their way to your door? Or perhaps you have an abundance of persimmons or pomegranates from your garden? Please send them our way... Please contact Jennifer Driscoll ( )



Purchasing Tickets

There’s still time to purchase your tickets to the event. But, get ‘er done by Thursday. After that, tickets must be purchased at the door and will go for $60. So save $10 and buy them online for $50!


Live Auction & Parties

We’ll have over 50 amazing parties and live auction items available on Saturday night. You’ll want some time to cram for the exam if you know what I mean. We’ll post the catalog a few days before the event so you can review the list and get your game plan together.

Don’t Forget to Party

Sometimes lost among the necessary emphasis on dollars (it is a fundraiser) is the fact that the big night is actually a LOT of fun. So be prepared to eat, drink and be merry with this amazing community we’re all a part of. My one ask. When the dancing starts, let’s stay off the tables this time. That’d be great. That’s it for now. Thanks in advance for all the support. Now let’s get this party started!



Darren Raveneau

Auction Chair