The Highlights: Auction Edition
Wed, Nov 13 10:14pm


Harvest for Learning Auction Update


The online auction closed with a flurry of last minute bids. Most importantly, it raised over $24K for our school! That may be a record!

Raffle & Wine Collections

They’ve got to be in (it) to win it. Currently, the highest ticket seller has sold 200 tickets! Prize is $100 cash! Current total collected is $10,940! Let's sell those last few books off before Friday's last collection! Unsold tickets should be returned on Friday, as well! Look for the Raffle Volunteer during morning drop off at Aliso Yard. If not, your student can give to their teacher for a classroom pick up.

Likewise, this is the last week for wine drop-offs. So, please contact Stacey Foster Martz via Konstella or by text/phone at 650-814-8232. She will make arrangements to pick up your bottles. As a reminder, we are collecting wine AND spirits. Bottles should be unopened and at least $15 in value. So, go through that wine fridge and peruse your cellar for a donation today! Let's make this our best collection year yet.

The auctions is TWO DAYS away!

And we need you to help make it a successful event! 

Setting up the decorations is an all hands on deck kind of thing. Swing by Mills College at 9 (or whatever time you can get there) and spend an hour (or two or three). We play music and make magic as we transform the event space. Help us turn that caterpillar into a butterfly!


Fall Decoration

Are you planning on getting rid of any pumpkins and gourds (large and small) now that Halloween has passed? Or perhaps you have large Glass or White vases to donate? Perhaps you can hit up a grocery store for their remaining pumpkins? Please help us make the Auction party gorgeous! We can accept drop offs or arrange a pick up. Please contact Jennifer Driscoll ( )


Purchasing Tickets

The Harvest for Learning Auction event is this Saturday. We’re going to have a great time while also raising lots of money to benefit our children. Here’s what you need to know handle the night like a boss:

Buy your ticket(s).— Like NOW! Go to

Avoid the check-in line! — Skip the local and go express! Save your credit card information in the system when you purchase your ticket and we will check you in before the event. Then on Saturday, visit the “VIP line” to get your bidder # and catalog and in you go!

Free Beer. Hosted beer and wine bar from 5:30-6:30! Yes, the first hour’s on us! Yet another reason to arrive on time and breeze through check-in!

Live Auction & Parties

We’ll have over 50 amazing parties and live auction items available on Saturday night. You’ll want some time to cram for the exam if you know what I mean. Check out the catalog now! — Review the attached catalog to see the amazing list of items and parties. And work out your bidding strategy!

Don’t Forget to Party

Sometimes lost among the necessary emphasis on dollars (it is a fundraiser) is the fact that the big night is actually a LOT of fun. So be prepared to eat, drink and be merry with this amazing community we’re all a part of. Don't forget to stop by the Photobooth to mark this special night!



Darren Raveneau

Auction Chair