The Moveathon starts in just 6 days! Now is the time to sign up!
Tue, Oct 25 11:19am

Fall Moveathon 2022 is coming at us quickly! We are less than a week away from our Halloween kickoff at school. So far we only have about 50 students signed up and we are at only 8% of our goal. Let’s get out there and raise money for our amazing kids! When we raise $5,000 as a school, the kids will earn a pajama day!

Are you still not sure how to start? Here is a brief summary of the steps to take in the coming week.

How it works:

Students get pledges/donations: Each student can set up a RallyUp page so they can raise money. Please visit

  • Click “Student Sign up”

  • Under Student Registrations, click “Add to cart” (don’t worry, it’s free!)

  • On the checkout page, click “Checkout now”

  • Enter your child’s information under “Student Registration”

  • Follow the prompts to finish registration

  • At the end click “Submit”

  • You’re ready to go!  

Students can ask friends, family and neighbors to sponsor them either by a flat rate or per “lap” (laps are used to indicate how much activity a student did during the whole move-a-thon).

Students get active: October 31-November 5, students will do a variety of activities at school to celebrate moving their bodies in many different ways. 

Families participate: Mark your calendars to join our community Saturday, November 5 from 10am-2pm. Come join us for walking, music, food, and fun! 

Students earn “laps”: Students earn credit for “laps” by: 

  • Participating in the daily Moveathon activities at school (1 lap credit per day for some participation, 2 lap credit per day for full participation that day)

  • Bringing their reusable water bottle to the Saturday walking event

  • Walking laps at the Saturday event

The grade-level lap goals are below: 

K 14 laps  *  1st 15 laps  *  2nd 16 laps  *   3rd 17 laps

4th 18 laps  *  5th 19 laps  *  TACLE 10 laps

Sponsors donate: Sponsors can pay online via the RallyUp site ( Donations are tax deductible.

Students earn prizes: Students earn prizes for reaching certain monetary goals, and if they achieve their grade’s "lap" goal, they will receive a medal! Anyone raising $100 or more can earn an individual prize. Most students raise at least $100. In past years, sixty percent of students (60%) raised over $100 and 23% raised over $300. When the school hits milestones (for example $5,000 raised across the entire school), the whole school will celebrate with something fun, like Pajama Day!

We are also looking for a lot of parent volunteers to make this event a fun day for everyone! Please check out our volunteer page and see what looks like fun!