UPDATED! NEW DATES! TADA! Ladies & Gentlemen, The Dad's Club proudly presents... THE 1st (and hopefully last) VIRTUAL VARIETY SHOW
Sun, Mar 7 12:08pm


Submission: 3/19th

Final Video: 4/3

Virtual Variety Show: 4/17


Hello dear parents, caregivers, teachers, school staff, and community!


Welcome to Redwood Heights 75th Annual Variety Show! This year to add drama and flair it will be... (drum roll please). VIRTUAL!

The first step is to make sure that all participants are from the same household and in the same family. Unfortunately, extended family or friends (your bubble) do not count and will not be allowed to participate in the same act. This makes participation equitable. This is a great chance to get your whole family in on the act parents, grandparents, dogs, cats, hamsters, horses go crazy as long as they live in your house.

The second step is to fill out this form no later than March 19th by midnight. Please note that if you have multiple kids working on the same act then you only need to fill out one form with both student's information. If you have two students working on two different acts then you must complete two forms. I wouldn't wait because if you choose music that conflicts with another entry it is first come first serve and if you are late you will have to select again. Please make an effort to check that music is appropriate for young folks if you need help let me know because this is always hard to figure out. The video submission (2 minutes max, taped horizontally) and the liability waiver will be due on April 3rd. These are firm deadlines because of the logistics of this undertaking. We need your talent, we need your creativity, we need to be together again.


Here is the online form to participate in our virtual variety show:



IMPORTANT: Attached you can find the Media Release Consent form so that your child(ren) can participate in the show. Please fill it out and send it back to the email address provided below!

Break a leg!
Ms. Courtney