VARIETY SHOW IS ON! Rehearsal tomorrow at 5 pm and the "GRAND SHOW" is Friday, 3/8
Fri, Mar 1 7:33am
Redwood Heights Elementary
Hello all, 
As you may have already heard, after much careful consideration, we are happy to announce that the Variety Show will go on, next Friday, March 9th.
In these times of struggle, we believe our community needs some sparkle just now. Since it’s a Dad’s club event and after school hours we feel it’s more about community and less about school. And we need some community. 
More importantly, we requested the opinion of the very people we are currently trying to support, our teachers. They came back to us with their full support, stating that they "think that if the school is being used for events that build up our students and bring the community together outside of school hours, it’s ok with us. You won’t be crossing a picket line if people come after 4 PM.
So please join us next Friday for a cheerful evening full of creativity by our very own kids.
Additionally, in an effort to further support our teachers, should they still be on strike, we will allocate the profits of the concessions to support their cause.   
So make sure to grab some cookies and roses during the show as they may make more than your talented performer happy!
many thanks, 
The RHS Dads' Club