Tue, Aug 20 7:35pm

We hope that everyone had a great first week of school! And hopefully we have all adjusted to a the full days of school ahead of us.

To get the best use out of Konstella  (our one stop shop for school wide and classroom communications, sign-ups, and calendar events),

please download the application to your phone & select your child's classroom. Here is the instruction on how to do so:

Selecting your child's classroom!
Log on to Konstella and go to the pull down menu next to your name.  Click on "Your Children".
Once you have a child selected, click on "Join Classroom".  
A list of all of the classrooms with teachers appears, click on the teacher's room that you child was assigned at registration.
Click on "Select".
Click on "Save".
AND You are done! Get ready to receive information from you teacher and room parents about what is happening in the classroom. 


Welcome Message from Your PTA Co-Presidents!
We are so happy to be representing your PTA this year as your new Co-Presidents. We feel lucky to be part of such an engaged, creative and inspiring group of parents and caregivers, all committed to the goal of making Redwood Heights a place where our children thrive emotionally and academically.
How do we meet that goal?
By living our PTA’s mission: Advocate for all children via family engagement, fundraising and community building. We represent YOU and are here to listen, learn and work with you to make our school an incredible place of kindness and learning for our children. We wish to create more opportunities to form and strengthen connections at RHS. The PTA sponsors many events that not only raise funds for our children, but also bring students, teachers, and families together to celebrate our school community.
Want to know where your fundraising dollars go?
Here are just some of the programs and services funded by the PTA:
· Our one-of-a-kind Art program
· Garden program
· Librarian
· Social emotional programs and support
· Technology (hardware and software)
· Classroom aides
· The annual Science Alliance project And many, many more!
Wondering how you can get involved?
-Volunteer to help with an event.
-Attend school functions and PTA meetings.
-Donate to Reach New Heights campaign kicking off after Labor Day.
-Support other school fundraisers!
For more information contact us at prez.rhspta@gmail.com
Save the date for our first PTA meeting of the year on September 19th at 6:00pm. Dinner will be served at 5:45pm and it's a potluck. Please bring your favorite dish to share. There will also be pizza provided for the kids. Additionally, free childcare will be provided on site.
We look forward to seeing you there! Sincerely Stacey & Amy


The schedule is now available at the Redwood Heights Website.

Click on Extended Day for the more information.


The following classes are at risk of cancellation:
3 O’Clock Rock
Fire Cracker Math
Groovy Gardeners
Nature Watch

And the following have room for a lot more kids:
Craft Kitchen
Drama on Thursday and Friday

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact the Enrichment Coordinator via email @ rothman.lisa@gmail.com.


The grade level sign ups will be available later this week.
5th grade will be up first next week to show everyone how it's done.
Your RPs will provide you with an update as soon as possible.



Wouldn’t it be great if the RHS drop off lane was a stress-free experience? Well, it can be, but we need your help! Please take a moment to read the rules to help make our drop off lane safe for all who use it and most of all, safe for our kids.


1. Enter the drop-off lane at the corner of Aliso and 39th. Do not attempt to drop off on the other side of the street. This is very unsafe for the children.

2. Make sure your children are ready to get out of the car before you get to the FRONT of the drop-off lane. Please read the fun list of reason why you should park if need be.

3. Wait until you are at the front of the drop-off lane before letting your children out of the vehicle. Do not let them out towards the back of the line. Do not cut the line. 

4. Give them a quick goodbye as the friendly volunteer helps your child out by opening the door.

5. Exit the drop-off lane as quickly as possible by driving straight down. Do not pull a U-turn at the end of the cones. 


Please remember that those who wear the safety vests in the drop-off lane are volunteers. Some of them are also children. Please be kind to them as they help enforce the rules listed above.

Also, please be considerate during pick up. Please DO NOT double park, creating a traffic jam. Please DO NOT U-Turn into or block someone's driveway. And PLEASE leave room for the school buses to park in front of the school!

Would you like to avoid the drop off lane?

Interested in walking instead?
May be join the walking school bus from Jordan Park!

Walking school bus departs between
8:10-8:15 from Jordan Park


If you are interested in joining,

show up at 8:10 at Jordan Park,

or look for Elsie along the route and jump in!

For more information on the RHS Walking School Bus,

you can contact Elsie Lee at 510.336.0960


Last year our goal was to get 100 family members signed up.

This year our goal is to get 150 family members signed up!

Becoming a member of the RHS PTA is easier than ever! You can now signup and pay your annual membership dues online from the comfort of your own computer or smartphone. Simply click this link to sign up: https://jointotem.com/ca/oakland/redwood-heights-elementary-pta/join/register.

No more filling out a form, gathering your cash or writing a check and then making sure you turn everything in to the right person. Save paper and time while taking a simple yet effective step in making RHS a better place for our kids to learn, grow and thrive.

If you signed up last year, you should've received an email recently to renew your membership! How simple can it be?

If you haven't, being a member of the PTA is a great way to not only support and guide your child's education, but to also help build the school community of guardians, parents and volunteers. You'll also have access to discounts from partners like Hertz, Quicken Loans and MetLife. So what are you waiting for? Join the RHS PTA now by clicking here: https://jointotem.com/ca/oakland/redwood-heights-elementary-pta/join/register.

The 1st classroom to have 75% of their family members enrolled

will receive an ICE CREAM PARTY!

Have questions or want to join the old-fashioned way? Contact Tiffany Grissette, PTA Membership Co-Chair. 



Welcome Back! I hope your summer was full of good books and fun. The RHS library reopens for class visits Monday the 26th. Please consider joining the Library Committee on Konstella to get regular announcements about meetings and volunteering. See you in the library!

Warmly, Emily Akemon RHS Library Clerk & Guardian of the Books 📚



The first three classes to have a complete set of comfort kits by the end of Preparedness month (September 30th) win a pizza party hosted by the Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Response Committee!  Plus, ALL OTHER CLASSES that have a complete set by September 30th will receive a special sweet treat!


What’s a comfort kit? One Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name, child’s teacher, and room number, containing:

  • Most important!  A note and/or family photo provides comfort to your child while separated from family.  Even if you cannot complete the list, this item is something ONLY YOU can provide for your child and will count as a complete kit on the deadline of September 30th.
  • Non-perishable snacks EXCLUDING nut products (ex. 2 granola bars/2 fruit roll-ups) provide familiar snacks during a lockdown in which students are confined to the classroom away from their lunch boxes.
  • One change of clothing, underwear and socks in case children are unable to return home for several days. Keep it compact!
  • Travel pack of hand-wipes to reduce spreading communicable diseases.
  • Small flashlight with fresh batteries in case of power failure following something like a major earthquake.
  • Please NO WATER !!!  We have it covered.


RHS REACH NEW HEIGHTS GIVING CAMPAIGN: September 9th to September 30th

Get ready for 3 weeks of Classroom Challenges and amazing prizes for donors, including 4-packs of Disneyland Parkhopper tickets, and Hamilton tickets at the SHN Orpheum theater. 

The goal of the Reach New Heights Giving Campaign is to raise $80,000 through
one-time and re-occurring donations. Suggested donations range from $20-$250 per month. Any amount is welcome and we aim for 100% participation from all RHS families.

Look for a Konstella message on Monday, September 9th with an online link to give!

Doing any last minute shopping to get ready for school?

Amazon.com: use the link located on our home page of our school website.

Box Tops: Clipping those box tops from your grocery items have just gotten easier. Next deadline is November 1st.



Back to School Night this THURSDAY 

at 6-7:30 pm. Please note that B2SN is for parents & caregivers only!


Picture Day is next week. Pictures will be taken by grade on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, August 27-28. Please see flyer attached.


Have a great academic year!