Garden Committee

The American Public Health Association urges schoolyards to include natural landscaping and school gardens. Why?

Garden based learning activities provide the following benefits:

  • Higher academic achievement (better test scores) and improved attitudes toward education
  • Increased physical activity, decreased stress, and better performance on tasks that require focused attention
  • Improved immune system functioning (including lower levels of asthma)
  • Healthier eating habits and better nutrition

RHS has had a strong commitment to outdoor education and that commitment has become stronger with the development of our new outdoor classroom and Living Laboratory for Learning.

Special thanks to Charles Smith and Leroy Stokes of OUSD, Sara Stone, Cynthia Bagby-Elliosn, Emily Fuentes, the California Native Garden Foundation, the City of Oakland, Waste Management, the RHS PTA, the RHS Dad’s Club and the many, many parents and students for all of their volunteer hours!

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