RHS Parents/Caregivers of African American Students Partnership to Close the AA Achievment Gaps
A successful school-parent-community partnership whose overall mission and goal are to increase student achievement and success for all students by focusing on closing the academic achievement gap.
Meeting Notes:
  • Have parents come into class and read a story about their culture
  • Test Prep
  • Academic enrichment
  • Can we open up this school for tutoring and focus on testing?
  • After School tutoring session – offer internship from college/high school students to tutor
  • Find Website Resources to help our student prepare for SBAC
  • Give Homework daily for reinforcement kids in need
  • Educational websites at home
  • We want test preparation included in the curriculum
  • Educational websites at home
  • Teacher’s give parents a list of programs to help and aid students  i.e. an academy
  • Can we tap into Holy Names Students for tutoring?  Parents can chip in for Stipends
  • Provide alternative After School Programs – Rockets is not enough
Parent Volunteering/School Community Involvement:
  • Develop a community
  • Volunteer
  • Volunteer – Once a Week
  • Show Up and Be Heard
  • Be Supportive Others and Respectful
  • Ask yourself What Can “I” Do To Help
  • As parents how can we take ownership and support other parents
  • Make it easier to volunteer! Simplify the Fingerprinting process!Technicians/Sponsor fees
  • Food – Centered Activities for Kids Staff
  • Listen and Share – Information at School Site Council Meeting
  • PTA to share funds distribution throughout year
  • Don’t Assume Another Families Resources: Not Everyone Has A Computer/Not Everyone Has Tutors
  • Konstella is a place to help students communicate
  • Hear teaches  -What they think
  • Partner teacher / Parent Concerns
How can we include our families culture in our school?
  • Include a cultural calendar Konstella
  • Multi-Cultural day!
  • Multi-Cultural Events Throughout the Year
  • include Cultural History In Lesson Plans
  • Local Cultural Group Reps (Non-Prof) Speakers
  • Activities Highlighting different cultures
  • Volunteer to speak and teach about your culture

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Committee Member Signed Up: 24 / 70

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